Only the government and my Mom call me Daniel. Everyone else calls me Dan.
I am all about branding, design, identity, and helping people characterize their "problems" as opportunities for a fresh creative solution, by way of me.
No, it's not. I am crazy in love with: my God, my wife, and my kids.
I don't believe in just calling myself a "designer" as that is just a technical skill I have. I am a catalyst for helping organizations/ministries/businesses/individuals connect to their audience. 
Music makes me move and sing (even, and especially, when people tell me I can't) and I've been playing the drums for over 20 years. See, and you thought this was just another one of those {cookie-cutter} "about me" pages.
Well, thank you for asking. If you'd like to work with me you can move your nice little mouse cursor up to the top right and click "Contact Me" and fill out the form.
Or, if you just want to cyber stalk me, this is where you can:

twitter: @danieldehart
instagram: @thedanieldehart
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